8/9 June 2013 

      Results/ Bay Challenge:
      UN Challenge :

Day 1 / Course Racing - It was windy. I was overpowered on a small sail. Al Mirel was sailing well but got covered by a ferry so I managed to win the first race.
Steve Bodner changed boards during the course of the regatta form a Starboard 167 to the 90cm wide Mike Slab board. The rules of the Bay Classic are unusual in that respect. You are allowed to change boards from one race to the next. The 90 com Mike Slab really works well in strong winds.
Steve Bodner won the course racing on Saturday. That was that for the day...

Day 2 / Long distance Race - The Bay Classic itself on  Sunday was a different story. Everyone expected the wind to blow hard after a nuclear Saturday. It started to blow nicely indeed but faded off 15 minutes after the start. I managed to change up in time. Tom Purcel had very good tactics and led for a while. The first 4 kitters led by Jonny Heineken rounded the leeward mark the wrong way at the end of the first triangle, I thought about for a split of a second and decided to round the mark the way I remembered on the diagram. It prove to be the right move. The top 4 kiters showed high standards of sportsmanship by retiring for rounding the mark the wrong way. I stayed behind Tom Purcel for the first part of the downwind legs as we passed tom at the buoy near the Bay Bridge.
From there the wind picked up again going to "Blant" and I  managed to keep it tidy all the way to the finish line. Chip Wasson had rounded the mark the right way as well as myself so that made him the winner of the Bay Classic ahead of me. I finished second overall and first windsurfer.
The Ultranectar Challenge which is the race back upwind back to St. Francis Yacht Club form the Berkeley Pier went well. I finished 1st windsurfer behind a few kites.

  Thank you StFYC for organizing such a great event in a wonderful set of San Francisco Bay.