CFSS - Crissy Fields Slalom Series

Round 2

12 June - Crissy Fields, San Francisco.

 The wind started really strong around 25 miles per hour.
So I tried a small sail but the wind started to drop off Then I changed up and the wind dropped even more so I changed up again. At that point we were about to start the first race so I was committed to us that sail for the first round of races. I won race one which showed I was not underpowered on my 7.1 Gaastra Vapor. The wind had big holes in it so I didn't do so well in the following races. I was getting quite underpowered in the lulls. I took advantage of the break between the two rounds to change up to 7.9 Gaastra. That size of sail was better for round 2, but Jason Voss had a good start on the first race of round 2 so I came second. The following race worked out better for me and I managed to win that one.
I race 3 I mad contact with Steve Bodner but I was on the wrong then  I decided to retire for that race.
The following  race was a bit light, I had a good start and I was leading comfortably but the race was cancelled due to not enough wind in some areas of the course. Shortly after the race committee boat had to go to rescue a kiter. The wind filled in shortly after and we were able to get one more race. There were only 3 of us racing in that one. I finished first, Jean Rahtle second and Jason Voss third.
Overall I finished second behind Jason Voss with Jean Rahtle in third.

Thank you to the organizers for another  great event and the volunteers who helped on making it happen.
See you for the round 3!