Friday Night Slalom Series 3

July 24
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Usually it’s an easy drive on Friday morning to make it to Crissy Field by the middle of the afternoon but this time I had to go to the Doctor to check the MRI results after hurting my arm in a surfing accident the weekend before. The GP sounded quite pessimistic and advised me to rest but he also said I should check with the orthopedic doctor. Rest sounded bad to me so I went straight to the orthopedic doctor. This doctor was much more positive and ordered to stay active. That’s all I needed to dash to San Francisco for a hot round of the Friday night slalom slalom series. By the time I left the doctor, it was 11 am so it was a bit of a mad dash to get ready and head north. In the end, we made it just in time to see the first race starting. More rushing ensued to get rigged up in record time. The second start went as I was heading to the line so I did race 2 at the back of the fleet, trying to catch up the back markers.
Race 3 and 4 went well as I scored two bullets. Race 5 didn’t go so well as I was a bit too aggressive at the start and ended up over early. Never mind, I went back and finished fifth. The best part was that my arm wasn’t really hurting. Should stick to windsurfing in the future…
Thank you to St Francis Yacht Club for hosting such a great series. I look forward to the last round in August where I will volunteer as part of the race crew. That’s part of the rule where you have to volunteer for one of the event of the series.