9 -12 JULY
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I had high expectations for this event after talking to Boris who was one of the main organizers a few weeks ago.  The event had everything to succeed with great location, warm weather, good wind, many disciplines represented combined with the support of the AWT. (American Windsurfing Tour). We arrived in Pittsburg on Thursday night. It was raining slightly which was unusual at this time of the year. Windsurfers are used to the weather going funny whenever an event is organized. The Friday morning was easy in terms of schedule with the briefing at 12pm to give time to competitors to travel to the event. The wind was unusually light for Rio Vista but the top Slalom racers had taken some big kit anyway. The fist Slalom start was a non-event as most of us were not planning. The race was cancelled after a few minutes. The second start went better as most of the fleet got away cleanly.
Jesper Vesterstrom and Tyson Poor were leading the fleet and I was trying to keep up with them.
The second race was similar. Occasionally I could mix it up with Tyson. Jesper had a good lead on the two of us.
The next discipline was speed. I had some good gusts for that session managing to top the charts ahead of the “speed king” Boris and Jesper believe it or not!
Day two started well with strong winds and clear sky. The first speed session of the day I did quite well in second place behind Jesper and ahead of Boris and Tyson.
In the first Slalom of the day I came 3rd. The next 2 races brought some excitement as I got 2 second places behind Jesper and ahead of Tyson! By the way… that was the first time I ever got ahead of Tyson in a Slalom Race!! Unfortunately I was not able to repeat this for the rest of the event. I got a series of 3rd places except for one bad race. In the end I finished third overall with Jesper in first and Tyson in second place.
 The speed competition did not go so well for me after the first 2 rounds. It was the first time I was doing a speed event. It was actually a fun event, since we had to share the GPS units. So the top few competitors could not always set the speeds during the same time slots.
All in all the event was incredible. The freestylers delighting the crowd with some amazing moves.
The free ride race was really well attended and really fun to watch.
The best of all was to see the kids racing. They were really competitive despite their your age!
We are looking forward to the Rio Vista Gran Slam next year!!
A big thank you to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible.