27 JUNE 2015
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Everyone was expecting a repeat of the day before which had strong winds so we all started rigging up the small kit. The wind at Crissy is always quite unpredictable and that day was no exception to the rule as the wind faded of 30 minutes before the start. The race officer Robbie Dean had told us that the start sequence would be at 3 o’clock sharp and we knew he meant business. That was quite a few of us running around at the last minute rigging up some bigger kit. We all made it on time in the end and the first race started without trouble. I had a reasonable start and made around the course safely to win the first race.
In races 2 and 3 I sailed too conservatively and finish a second and third respectively.  
I sailed better in races 4 and five to win both of them. I messed up the start completely of race seven by falling in at a gybe away from the start line. I was so far behind that I could not recover so I finished that race in 7th place. 
I was really focused for the rest of the races and won them all.
Jason Voss and Soheil and Jean Rathle were challenging me regularly keeping the racing really exiting.
Robbie Dean kept banging the races one after the other. We managed to do 15 races which was really amazing. Shawn Kelly was not there at this time but it was still really rewarding to win round two after finishing 3rd in round one of the Crissy Fields Slalom Series. 
The event was concluded by a BBQ which was much appreciated by the hungry riders.
Big thank you to Soheil, Bodner and Jean Rathle and volunteers for putting together a fantastic event. The scores at the finish line reposted that many passersby were really excited to see the races. Slalom is really back to Crissy!