26 JUNE 
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The trip to San Francisco was pretty easy, we left home at around 9 o’clock and arrived at 3 pm.
The first start was at 5:30 pm I had time to rig up the kit. It was quite windy when we got there, 22mph and building so I rigged up the small kit. That was the right thing to do as the wind kept building so I started the first race without being over powered. The challenge at Crissy is to gybe smoothly in the chop so you don’t want to be overpowered but there are some big holes in the wind so you can’t take too small a sail ether.
I had picked the right size kit and that helped me to win the first 3 races. Jean Rathle and Steve Bodner were always in hot pursuit keeping me on my toes. After the 3rd race we had a short break on the beach and Jean said that they should try harder to give me a run for my money. Sure enough that must of jinxed for me. I was a bit slow at the last gybe at that race. Both Steve Bodner and Jean Rathle over took me so I finished 3rd.
I really focused for the 5th race and won that one.
 That was the last race making me the winner for the second round of the Friday Night Slalom Series. Crissy Field is quite cold even at this time of the year so we really appreciated having a hot shower after sailing at  StFYC.
We had dinner at Club’s bar with view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
That was the icing of the cake of a great event.  Thank you for the StFYC for organizing the event, the course was set close to the beach making it very entertaining for spectators.