Crissy Fields Slalom Series 3

25th July
Results: click here

Round 3 of the Crissy field slalom series started well for me. I had the right sail size and scored a bullet in the first race. The second race didn’t go well. I was heading for the pin end of the start line and all of a sudden, I felt pressure on the clew of my sail and catapulted instantly. That was an unfortunate collision with my friend Boris. I didn’t see him until I was in the water, swimming after my gear. I made sure I stayed clear of everyone in the subsequent starts. That strategy paid off as I scored two bullets in the next two races. I crashed next to the finish in race 5 and Soheil won that one leaving me in second place.
We had a 30 minute break during which the wind picked up quite a bit.
I decided to stay on the same gear after the break.
Initially, that strategy paid off as I scored a bullet in the first race of the second set.
I had a good battle with Jean Rathle in the next race (#7). I was chasing him all the way around the course. Instead of playing safe in the last reach and settle for second, I tried too hard and crashed in explosive fashion!
With two bad races on my score card, I decided to play safe for the last three races. Jason Voss had an advantage in strong winds. Despite changing down in the last few races, I was still overpowered. Two second places and a third were good enough to win round three of the Crissy Field slalom series. Youpeee!
Thank you to Soheil, Steve and Jean for putting together such an amazing series.
The BBQ at the end of the day was awesome! There nothing like a BBQ to keep a bunch of windsurfers happy after a good day of racing!