23 August 2014

The event didn't start all that well for me quite literally, I'd left my start watch at home!
My first start wasn't that good as a result.
I was behind a few riders so I had a dive downwind to get some speed.
I tacked early to get some cleam air and that worked out ok in the end.
As we were going upwind, the wind was getting stronger and my kit was working better.
Downwind, my speed was quite good so I pulled ahead.
Unfortunately, I rounded the bottom mark the wrong way.
I came back and rounded up the mark the right way but I found out later that this doesn't
meet the 'string' criteria. Hence I was scored DNF in that race.
Race 2 went better, I got ahead and pulled a good lead. 
This time, I knew how to round the buoys the right way!
My start in race 3 wasn't so good. 
I tried to read the countdown on my regular watch.
The digits were just too small!
I was on a mission to catch up during the first beat.
I approached the upwind mark on starboard next to Tom Purcell.
I thought he was going to give me some space to round the mark but that wasn't to be.
I felt pressure on the back of my boom and catapulted.
I waterstarted as fast as I could and went on a mission to catch up on the downwind leg.
I managed to squeeze ahead just as we were approaching the downwind mark and stayed ahead until the finish line.
For the last two races, I just focused on the countdown given by the boat to take good starts.
By that time, I knew the course and I managed to pull a good lead just by sailing fast.
The last Calcup is next month, in September. I'll make sure things go smoother this time!