CFSS - Crissy Field Slalom Series

Round 4 
August 27, 2016


The wind was light that day but we got the first race under way soon after 3pm.
I had a good start and rounded the first gybe mark in the lead which is good place to be, particularly in light wind.
I went around gybe marks number 2 and 3 with a good lead.
A boat full of tourists was passing 50 yards from the beach and made a big hole in the wind.

I think that slowed me down quite a bit to get on the plane to reach gybe mark number 4.
That mark was really tight to reach and with the flood tide, I couldn’t make it.
I had to double tack to make it upwind to the mark.
Jason Voss got a gust from behind and made it to the mark in one.
In the end, I finished that race in second place. Not the result I had hoped for as I needed to beat Jason to win the series.
The wind was pretty light for that first race and it wasn’t really picking up. The wind felt quite strong on the beach but out in the middle of the bay it was really light with a strong flood tide.
Eventually, the wind picked up a bit and the Race Officer called for another start.
There was only wind on the course side of the start line. The other side was super light.
We sat on the line until the last few seconds to stay in the gust. When the gun went, I pumped my heart out to jump on the plane first. Whatever I did seemed to work as I raced towards the first gybe mark in the lead.  This time, I was determined to have a clean race, free of trouble and mistakes! I kept everything together to win that race with a reasonable lead over Jason. After that race, I was tied on points with Jason winning the tie by winning the last race.
The wind picked up again a bit and the Race Officer called for a third start.
Again, I had a good start and I was flying in front. However, the Race Officer decided that the wind was too light and he called the event to an end.
That was it! I’d won the last event, tied on point with Jason Voss and the series with 3 wins out of 4 events. It all came down to that last race that I had to win!

The event was concluded by a pizza party with beer and prize giving. The best way to end any windsurfing competition, especially with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop!

A big thank you to Soheil Zahedi, Jean Rathle, Steve Bodner and all the volunteers for organizing the such a cool slalom series at Crissy Field.