Belmont Shore
on a windy day!

It's not very often that we get strong wind in southern California but when it blows it blows!
Today we had gusts up to 38mph. It was a bit over powered on 5.0. I think the 4.2 would have been a better choice. It was a great opportunity to sail the 76 Isonic. It's not very often that you get the chance to use that board here.  So when you get the opportunity you have to make the most of it. Yesterday was quite wet. Today the Californian sun was out again, as usual... making the 12C fell warmer than it was.  Heading out at sea on starboard, the chop was quite hash. That's part of the fun when sailing a small slalom board on a windy day.  It keeps the heart in your mouth!  What a day that was...