Calcup 2012 /Round 1
  21 April 2012 

I was a little nervous going to round one of the Calcup series this year. The 167 hasn't arrived yet, so I decided to race on the 167 wide. The 167 wide is a very good board in light winds but it is physical when the wind picks up. There were quite a few white caps as I was heading to the start line for the first race. However the board turned out to be easy to ride for the conditions. Only one of the kiters made it out for the first race as there were big lulls by the shore.The wind never really  picked up that strong. Actually it tended to drop after the first race. I won all the races quite easily in the Formula class. Andrew Koch (Kite 7) was ahead of me in all races except the last one where I was well powered up as the wind had picked up. The conditions were perfect for a great day of sailing. The sun was out, it was nice and warm. Even in the lulls I could still plane easily with the 10.0. Thanks to Mike, Nick Percey and the race officer Anders for organising the regatta...not forgeting my lovely wife for the pictures.