Ronstan Challenge
9 -10 June

Day 1 / Long Distance Race - The Ronstan Bay Challenge started with light winds and the flood tide this year. This created unusually smooth conditions for San Francisco Bay. Nevertheless everyone expected to blow up any minute like it normally does. Most people rigged up conservatively, 10.0, 9.5 or 9.4.  
I have been burned a few times in San Francisco on too big kit so I went for the 10.0. I had a decent start right at the pin end just behind Tom Purcell. Tom was on 11.0.
He had a slight advantage going up wind. We rounded of the windward mark near the Golden Gate Bridge together. Downwind I decided to go on starboard towards the St. Francis Yacht Club. I was able to stay slightly downwind of Tom.Usually the wind blows hard near Angel Island near San Francisco Bay. So I decided to go north of Alcatraz. I couldn't see the other boards.
But I was doing OK relatively to the kites around me. When I arrived to the Downwind mark just north of the Berkeley pier I was surprised to see the other Formula boards just behind me.
Considering how long the downwind leg was the difference was pretty small. On the upwind leg I headed for Angel Island which is usually the best route. Steve Bodner tacked of and went further south I think his tactic at that point was better than mine. When I tacked of, heading south I could see the kites in the distance towards treasure Island. I decided not to cross the wind shadow of Alcatraz, so I tacked again and stayed North. Soheil Zahedi was not far behind at that point. As I was on port to the south of Angel Island the wind dropped light so I tacked to go back to go towards Alcatraz. After a couple of more tacks when I was heading to San Francis Yacht Club on starboard, I got a good lift so that made the option worthwhile. I finished a few minutes ahead of Steve Bodner who was the second Formula.
I could see 3 kites slightly ahead of me so I thought the result was not to bad considering the wind was fairly light. When checking the results though, Johnny Heineken had beaten me by about 13 minutes!
In hindsight the 10.7 would have been a better choice of sail. If you not fully powered up on a Formula board the kites are quicker.The race was beautiful with a gorgeous weather. For bay challenge is always very tactical with an amazing setting.

Day 2 / Course Race - Day two started with more sun shine and warm weather. The wind was really light for a while so I started rigging up the 10.7 but shortly before the start it picked up. There was a moment of panic when I realised that I left the 10.0 with Percey for a repair!!
That was 10 minutes before the first race start. So my bacon saver saved the day by going to fetch the 10.0.
I made it to the start a few minutes late. In the end I was quite surprised to make it up to 3rd place. In the second race I had a little incident with Eric Christianson. I hadn't seen him going towards the mark on starboard. He had to deep down to avoid me while I was tacking. I was lucky Eric didn't protest me as I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. All the other races went well and I scored 4 bullets. The wind was perfect for the 10.0. We where well powered all day long. Thank you to San Francis Yacht Club and the crew of volunteers who ran the event. It was a great regatta in one of the most beautiful places in the world...