Bay Classic

Bay Classic/Ultra Nectar Challenge
7-8 July 2012
Day 1/ Long Distance Race - I had a reasonable start shortly after I caught a big pack of weed, so I had to tack back and sail backwards for a bit to get read of the weed...Great!
Afterwards I got the tactics all wrong. Going through the middle of the bridge did not work this time.
Tom Purcel spotted the right shift and went through the south side of the Golden Gate bridge and he got about 4 minutes lead on the first beat. Soheil and Steve Bodner were in a hot pursuit after Tom and I was lying fourth. I caught up Steve Bodner and Soheil on the leg towards BLUNT. Downwind towards Berkeley pier was quite windy and I didn't make much ground there. I was getting quite close to Tom towards X but I was trying too hard and I felt in twice. Tom finished first formula behind Chip Wasson who won on a kite. I finished third overall and second formula behind Tom.
I followed Chip and Tom during the early part of the Ultra Nectar Challenge " the race back home". 
We were heading towards Bay Bridge on starboard. When the wind dropped a bit light we all tacked on port heading towards Angel Island. Tom was upwind of me by about 400 yards. I didn't go all the way to Angel Island. I decided to head towards the city front on starboard instead. That seamed to be a better option during the Bay Challenge a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised not to see Tom anymore. I found out later on that he broke his mast. The shifts felt quite good by the city front  and I finished behind Chip Wasson with a good lead over the other formula boards. However the results showed that some formulas had caught up with me slightly. The Ultra Nectar Challenge is a separate race in which is scored by the time it takes each racer to sail back. So I ended up fourth overall behind Chip Wasson, Eric Christianson and Chris Radkowsky.

Day 2/ Course Racing- The first race went well.  I had a decent start although I over stood the first windward mark. I had good speed  downwind so I won that race. Tom Purcell had a good start on port on the second race and he won by a mile! The wind had many holes for the third race. I started on starboard and went a little bit to close to St. Francis Yacht Club. The rest of the fleet tacked at about 20 yards before and run away with a gust and I was left behind... I finished third. The wind really picked up for the Fourth and last race. I was leading Tom for the windward mark and the downwind mark. However I picked up the wrong option for the last leg going upwind to the finish. I went left towards the wall. Tom went right towards the middle of the bay and passed me. The results overall for the course race were:                1st -Tom Purcell, 2nd- Myself and 3rd- Steve Bodner.