US Nationals Formula and Slalom Championship - River Gorge
 Just after the prise giving of the North American Championship in San Francisco there was no time to rest with a 11hr drive north to the Gorge. I had never been there before so we were amazed of how beautiful the place was. It is difficult to imagine a better place for windsurfing. Obviously the Gorge is famous for its strong winds but it has a lot more to offer.
The race site is great. There is plenty of parking space next to a beautiful lawn that slopes gently into the water. Even the restroom is very well maintained. Its incredible how you see windsurfing  rigs in supermarkets, pizzerias, bars and breweries. There is a brewery there called Full Sail where they serve good food and beer.. One of the first things you will see when you walk in is a windsurf rig hung up to the ceiling. At the time when windsurfing appears to be depressed in some areas, it's great to see the town of Hood River which breathes and lives for windsurfing...
The second nice surprise was to walk into the house that we rented for the week. We had a very good view of the event site from the lounge and decking. We spent our breakfast checking out the white caps on the race course. The house was plenty big enough, we were in good company sharing with Lasse FIN 196, Richard GBR 809 and Steve USA 4. 

Organisation - The American Windsurfing Tour Association had done a great job of picking up the organisation of the event at the 11th hour. There was a good number of Free stylers and Slalom racers of a high standard. Not forgetting to mention a pretty big Formula fleet. It was great to see the number of youths that had come to compete at the Gorge.   
Formula - I was greeted by Bruce Peterson as I arrived at the rigging area for the first time.I appreciated that he introduced himself and welcomed me to the Gorge for my first trip. The first 2 races went well, I came second behind Phil McGain ahead of Steve Bodner and Bruce Peterson. I was learning the tactics of the Gorge fro Bruce Peterson. After the formula races we started the Slalom. Overall I was pleased to finish second behind Phil McGain. I had a good battle with Steve Bodner who finished Third ahead of Bruce Peterson.

Slalom - The Slalom started well with my 7.8 with 107 Isonic. The wind was not to strong and that suited my skills as the event progressed the wind got stronger, I had made the mistake of entering the North Americans which restricts the equipment to 4 sails and 2 boards. This proved to be 1 constrain to many. The locals showed their Slalom skills when the wind really picked up. The battle between Phil McGain and Tyson Poor for the 1st and 2nd place was fascinating. Overall the Nationals was a fantastic event and the Gorge delivered great conditions...