9/10 March 2013

                                                   There were quite a few classes in this regatta. Most of which were Dinghy classes so the briefing was at 10 on Saturday morning. We had to get up at 3am load up the car then drive 5 hours to make in good time for the briefing. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco there was no fog all day long. It was great to see the Golden Gate Bridge again... Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful place to sail in the world. The StFYC was as efficient as ever. Registration was quite nice and easy.
The Lasers raced in the morning. We started racing at around 2pm. The bay was through to its reputation, the wind was quite strong already so I decided to go for a small sail. The first beat of the first race I went well. I was leading with a good angle upwind. The rest of the fleet had bigger sails so they cough up with me downwind. On the second upwind I decided to go out towards the middle of the bay, Al Mirel and Steve Bodner decided to go the other way towards the shore. Their option paid of. Both of them passed me during the second upwind, I finished in third position.
For the next two races I made sure to go towards the shore. That worked well as I won both races.
The last race of the day the wind was a bit light however I managed to make the small sail work.
Sunday, the wind dropped light during the middle of the day to so I decided to go for a bigger sail.
I took a starboard start and went to shore just like yesterday, unfortunately today it was different and that option did not work. Both Al Mirel and Soheil were ahead of me at the first windward mark. I managed to catch up downwind. The slightly bigger sail was working well downwind. The racing was really really close today, but somehow I always managed to squeeze ahead at the right time to win the 3 races of the day.
Many thanks to StFYC for organising such great event. Fellow competitors made the racing really exiting. See ya at the next event at the bay!