20 April 2013
The event didn't start very well for me with a late night at work until 11:30pm on Friday. Wake up call at 6am on Saturday morning was a bit tough and to make matters worse I realized I had left my 490 mast at home half way up  to San Francisco. Luckily Chris Radkowski lent me a new 490 mast. However my 9.0  which dates back to 2008 did not seem to fit well on the 2012 mast.
The sail didn't have as much shape as usual in the foot. The first race was a disaster. I was struggling to make it to the start line at low tide in the mud. I had to sail backwards  about half mile with my weight on the nose of the board to keep the fin clear of the mud. So I was late for several minutes at the first race. I returned the board a bit for the second race. The second race was better in the sense that I was on time at the start. However my speed up wind was no match for that of Al Mirel. I finished second on that race.  During the Third  race I managed to stay closer to Al Mirel for the upwind leg. I had more speed downwind and managed to take the lead. Unfortunately I hit what one felt like a plastic bag. Later on we found out that there was a shoal of fish in the area. At that point I swore quite a lot as I saw all chances of winning the regatta slip away. During the  4th race I had good speed upwind and I managed to round the upwind mark in first position. I won that race with a good lead. During the 5th race my angle upwind was not so good. But I had good speed downwind. I caught up at the last gybe before the finish line, by then Myself and Al Mirel were neck to neck. Both of us struggled with the last gybe. Al had a cramp in his forearm and fell in. I managed to stay up and finish in first.  The organization of Berkeley Yacht Club was very good. Our usual race officer Anders Petersson was present supporting the event. It is great to see that the Calcup is in good hands. It was nice to have a drink with everybody at Berkeley Yacht Club after the regatta.
See you at the next one.