4/5 May 2013

 Results : http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=6705
 Photos : http://www.calcupevents.com/gallery/13%20Elvstrom/index.htm

RACE 1 - After a busy week at work the drive up to San Francisco was a bit tough on Saturday morning. The wind was already up by the time we arrived at StFYC. The weather was beautiful. It looked like it was going to be great conditions for day one of  the Elvstrom Zellerback Regatta. I wasn't feeling in great shape so I decided to rig up a small sail. The lasers were taking longer than expected to complete their races so our start was postponed by one hour to 2:30pm. I went out at around 1:45pm to check the conditions. Despite being on a small sail I was really powered up so I made a few adjustments. As we got close to the start the wind kept picking up, so I made further adjustments. Choosing a small sail and a small fin was the right decision. At the start I decided to go to the shore near StFYC. That was the right option as some of the guys who went towards the middle of the bay dropped back. I rounded the first upwind mark in first place. During the downwind leg I fell in on the second gybe. So I passed the downwind gate in third or forth place. the second lap went better and I managed to regain the lead.
RACE 2 - Race two was shortened to a single lap as the conditions were quite challenging. The wind was blowing at 30mph gusting 35mph. Half of the fleet was out of action at this point. Due to the conditions. I didn't make many mistakes at the second race and I won it with a good lead. 
RACE 3 - I started the third race quite confident but Chris Radkowski, Mike Percy and Tom Purcell had better angle than me. To make matters worse I missed the windward mark by a few feet and it took me three attempts to pass it due to a strong flood current. At that point it was way behind with just one downwind leg to the finish line, I had a little chance of catching up. However I had two really shifts going downwind. I caught up with Chris Radkowski. I gybed 50 yards on the inside going towards the finish line. At that point I really had to put my foot down to go as broad and as fast as I could. I sheeted without the harness in the super chicken strap and went full tilt to the finish line.
I managed to pass Chris a few feet from the start line. I looked around and I could not see Tom Purcell who was way ahead of the windward mark. After the race Tom said he had fallen in. So I managed to win the last race of the day against all expectations.

with Tom Purcell

It is every windsurfers dream to win strong wind races. I was very happy to win all 3 on that day.
The StFYC treated all competitors to a really nice social event on Saturday night.
The club have a fantastic sense of hospitality.
I had a really good night of sleep and woke up fresh on Sunday morning. After having a lovely breakfast with friends we all met at Crissy Fields and rigged up.
Unfortunately the wind died completely and racing was cancelled for the day.
The prize giving at StFYC was great with all the competitors for other classes. It was  a good crowd.
We mingled with the kitters and the atmosphere was great. It was nice to win after coming second at the Calcup 2 weeks ago.
Thank you to StFYC for organizing such great event. We look forward to the next one in June.