21 September 2013

Rain was pouring down in the morning. I thought the event was going to be cancelled off but Mike Percey's patience paid off. The rain stopped.
The wind was  light so we all rigged up the big kit. The big kit for San Francisco is anything bigger than 10.0. You don't need it often but occasionally, you do and Saturday was one of those days.
We made it to the start line planning on and off. We took advantage of a gust to do rabbit start and we were off for the first race. The wind was pretty light and you had to keep your wits about to stay in the gusts. It made for interesting racing with the lead changing several times. Mike Percey and Soheil were doing really well. In the end I won just by a very small margin ahead of Mike Percey. 
The wind picked up and the sun appeared which was unexpected after the miserable weather we had in the morning.
We started race 2. Chris Radkowiski had really good speed upwind. He was on a Starboard 167 and a Neilpryde Sail. That kit was working well. I was using my old  Neilpryde Evo II after the EVO IV had ripped inside the Luff Sleeve. The Evo II did the same thing just before the start of race one.
I wasn't sure if it was the rip of the sail which was slowing me down. For sure I didn't have the same speed I had at the National with the same sail.
Downwind , I had good speed. That allowed me to catch up with the pack in race 2 and pass Chris just before the finish.
Race 3 was similar to race 2 except I got my tactics wrong upwind. I got covered by the fleet and indeed by quite far down at the upwind mark. Chris Radkowiski  sailed well and won that race. I caught up downwind as usual and finished 2nd.
Chris was the rabbit for race 4 since he had won race 3. It looked like being the rabbit was a bit of disadvantage. I won that last race although Soheil was just behind me after I caught a fishing line near the pier. 
That concluded the 2013 CALCUP Series.
It was a great season and I look forward to the next one!!