Calcup 1

25 APRIL 2015
Results : Round one results here
Photos: More photos here

The 2015 edition of the Calcup started as a gorgeous sunny day.
We could see beyond the Golden Gate Bridge without a hint of fog.
The wind started to pick up nicely.
We headed out for a late start after the tide was high enough by the dock.
Jim McGrath was on the committee boat to help the volunteers from the Berkeley Yacht Club.
The first start went smoothly.
Most of the fleet started on port.
You could tell that it was the first race of the season as we all over stood the windward mark by a good distance.
A couple of foilers had lined up with us. They were doing well.
It was quite a sight to see them flying above the water.
At the first downwind I went North as usual for this course.
This time, the pressure went South and I ended up behind most of the fleet.
I recovered during the second upwind but Al Mirel was miles ahead.
In the end, I finished the race in second place.
Shortly after the finish, my mast broke.
Fortunately, the rescue boat was nearby.
It was a bit a bit difficult to put the rig onboard.
The driver was accommodating and we managed to put the rig in such a position that we could head back to the launch dock
at reduced speed.