16 May 2015 - Berkeley 

Results: race results
 Round 2 of the 2015 Calcup series started with Southerly winds. This direction was unusual. The wind looked reasonably strong but shortly after we left the dock, it dropped. We slogged a bit to the start line.
Soon after, the gusts filled from the west. The race committee re-laid the course and started the first race.
It looked like there was more pressure on the right side of the course so I went for a port start. That option paid up and I had a good lead at the first windward mark. Everything went smoothly to the finish and I stayed in front.

The wind picked up for the second race. The course had changed. We were doing 1 lap instead of 2 and the windward mark was further to the right to accommodate the wind shift. Most racers went for a port start. I had to dive down below one of the port starters but it worked out ok. I had good board speed so I was able to stay ahead of the fleet until the finish.
I started race 3 on port as usual but this time Wayman Lundquist who had gone left, crossed in front of us, showing that his option was best. I had good angle upwind and that put me just ahead at the windward mark. From there, I pushed hard downwind to stay ahead of the fleet until the finish.
Based on Wayman's success in race 3 on the left, I decided to do the same in race 4. I got some good lifts but it wasn't enough and Al Mirel got to the windward mark first, just in front of me. I chased him up downwind and caught up at leeward mark but I was still behind. I went slightly below at the mark but my rounding was not the best so Al was still a bit above me.
We tacked together to head to the finish line. I got out of the tack still about 30 feet below Al. It was really close for a while but somehow I managed to squeeze ahead just before the finish line.

Thank you to Berkeley Yacht Club for organizing great races in challenging conditions.
I look forward to round 3 in June!