Friday Night Slalom Series – StFYC

29th May 31, 2015
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For the first edition of the Friday Night Slalom Series I didn’t know what to expect,
so I loaded everything into the car, the big kit the small kit and everything in between.
We got there in good time, after leaving home on Friday morning.
 We had the skippers meeting at 5 o’clock quickly followed by the first start at 5: 30pm.
That is actually a good time to start as at this time of the year the wind picks up late.
The turnout was very good which was encouraging for the first Friday night Slalom Series.
I had a reasonable start just behind Sean Kelly, my gybe at the first buoy was good enough to get past and I won the first race without too much trouble.
I went back upwind to the start line without delay for the next race.
I knew that there was only a few hours of day light left so there was no time to hang around.
The Slalom start technique was coming back to me so I had a better start on the second race.
I seamed to remember that I had a good battle with Sean Kelly to the first mark,
We gybed together and raced each other all the way to the finish. I managed to stay ahead by a few boards length to win the second race. Again I made my way strait back to the start line without delay. Having a god start at the 3rd race
With a good battle with the front runners and sailed pretty hard to stay ahead of the fleet.
Sailed back to the start boat ready for the 4th race but the woodies came out and the course got so busy that we had to stop the racing for the day.
Back to the shore we were meet with hot pizza and drinks, those did not last very long with a bunch of hungry windsurfers. The atmosphere was really cool. Hanging around Crissy Fields with a bunch of windsurfers on a Friday night is always a great experience.
Round one of the first Friday Night Slalom Series was a great success.
Thank you for the StFYC for organizing the event and all volunteers who made this happen!
 I look forward to see more racers in the water for the next event.