Crissy Fields Slalom Series 4

August 22
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The wind looked pretty good one hour before the start with some white caps at Crissy Fields. The wind dropped so I went out on a 8.6 thirty minutes before the start, the wind was reasonable at that point for that size sail. My first start was pretty good, I was first at the first gybe mark.  The second reach was really broad and he wind was light at that spot so the Formula boards overtook me. I was struggling to plane on the reach number 3 so I decided to abandon that race to go back to the beach and rig up the Formula Board. The course was modified after the first race so we had a short break. The wind picked up a bit for the second race so I decided to go back out on my slalom board. The wind was to light still and the Formula boards were faster on race number 2. So I decided to switch to the Formula board for the next race. That proved to be the right decision, so I got a few first places with the formula board. It was pretty close with the Slalom boards, being faster on the tighter reaches. I had a good battle with Jason Voss all the way to the finish. I jibed the H mark a little bit too tight and the tip of my sail clipped the infamous nails at the top. It ripped instantly the second panel from the top. I did one more race with that sail, and I decided to change down for the next race. The next size down was the 8.6 on the Formula board, it was a bit small for the broad reaches but it was easy to handle around the jibes. I used this combo to good effect by winning the last race.
I wasn't sure who was going to win this last event of the Crissy Fields Slalom Series, since several of us had won some races. In the end I did enough to squeeze ahead of Chris Radkowiski and Steve Bodner.
 Jean Rathle, Soheil and Steve Bodner for the award ceremony, not only I won the last event of the series but they awarded me the Bill Weir Perpetual Trophy.

I never met Bill Weir since I arrived in America in 2010 and Bill sadly passed away in 2009. Jean Rathle said that Bill was extremely competitive in both Slalom and course racing. He loved sailing at Crissy Fields so I can definitely identify myself to him. I was honored to have his children, Logan and Sophie present at the award ceremony to give the trophy in the memory of their father. It was great to see my name on the trophy alongside Phil McGain and Wilhelm Schurmman.
A big thank you to Soheil, Steve and Jean to bring back Slalom racing to Crissy Fields.

I look forward to the next season.