21 November 2015

It’s nearly a 5 hour drive from home to Lake Mojave, but It was well worth it.
We got there was around 2 pm. The wind was blowing hard. The guys were calling it a day already, as they were pretty tired since the wind was blowing 30 mph from the early hours of the morning. Apparently the best wind blows in the morning.

I rigged up 5.0 with my 107 starboard isonic. It was the smallest board I had.
I am waiting to receive my 2016 87.  I was concerned that the sail would be too small for the board but it worked well in the end. I did 25 miles that day in an hour and a quarter. There were a few holes in the wind but the guys said that it was steadier than it had been during the day. The water was quite choppy in places but there was a smooth patch near the shore that made for a great jibbing spot. I had some great runs in the gusts with a maximum speed of 39.1 mph.  Josh suggested that we go out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant called Iguana. The food was good but the highlight was the Cadillac Marguerita!! Then we headed to the Tropicana Hotel which was also a casino. As we got there we realized that most of the gamblers were retired old people, the place was packed with pink and baby blue head grannies. That was my Saturday.  

The start of Sunday was a bit agitated, there was some confusion to figure it out the time of the day. There was a one hour difference between Nevada and Arizona. Laughlin, where our hotel was located, is on the westside of the Colorado River so it’s in Nevada. As soon as you cross the bridge to go to the windsurfing spot (Cabinsite point) you are in Arizona.

The wind was already blowing hard in the morning. But not quite as hard as on Saturday. So I rigged up a 6.4 still with the 107. That combo was quite well balanced, better than with the 5.0 the day before. The 6.4 Gaastra Vapor had the center of pressure further back than that of the 5.0 Neil Pryde. 
I sailed for an hour with that combo. I was well powered up but eventually the wind dropped slightly so I changed up to a 7.1 Gaastra Vapor. That’s a better size for the 107. I had a great session and covered another 25 miles. The wind was fading a bit so I came in to have a break. Fortunately after 10 minutes the wind picked up again so I went back out for another 13 miles. The highlight of the day was to try the airplane Starboard inflatable. It’s an interesting concept. The board was surprisingly stiff for an inflatable. The test concluded a great weekend at Lake Mojave.