2015 Formula Windsurfing North Americans and US Nationals.

August 12 -14

Report: http://uswindsurfing.org/2015/08/san-pedro-dynamite/
Results: uswindsurfing. 2015Nationals
Page: http://2015uswindsurfingnationals.blogspot.com/

After months of hard work to organize the event,
we were all set up for the first day.
We had a good turn out and the wind was picking up already from the right direction.
Darren Rogers our race officer did the briefing. He dealt with all the questions really well.
We were glad to have a man of his experience as the race officer.
There was a bit of a mishap at the beginning when he laid the first few marks.

Despite the bigger anchors which I got, the buoys started drifting at great speed towards the sea wall.
Josh Shirley from Starboard had kindly donated seven beautiful buoys for the event.
Those buoys were good size and clearly visible from the distance however they needed some really big anchors to resist the wind,
the tide and the kelp which was getting caught on the lines.
Nina Walker our friend from the San Diego Windsurfing Association saved the day by getting  bigger anchors.

Darren managed to lay the course using a combination of big buoys and smaller buoys which was less prone to drifting.
We had 2 Formula Races on the first day it was quite windy.
I was powered up on my 9.8.
Jesper Vesterstroem DEN -111 dominated both races.
I could just catch up with him occasionally on the downwind legs.
Day 2 started earlier to give some time for the Slalom races after Formula.
Again we had great winds and I was well powered up on my 9.8, we had over 20 mph of
solid wind.
Jesper had really good angle and speed upwind so he was untouchable.
My starts were not the best and I was mixing it up with my friends from the Bay area.
Day 3 was similar to the first two.
Solid winds picked up early.
I used the 11.0 this time to see if I could get closer to Jesper.
The sail was surprisingly manageable given the strength of the wind but I wasn't going any quicker than with the 9.8.
We were alternating our starts with the Konas. It was working well this way.
We did three races back to back.
The launch was only a short reach away from the start area so I was able to go back to the shore to change down to the 9.8 as the wind was picking up.

Jesper didn't do the last race as he had done enough to win the regatta.
At least, I got a bullet in the last race.
It was great to have a good turn out of Formulas for the Nationals.
The guys from the Bay made the trip as well as Ron & Justin from Florida.
We also had a couple of youngsters, Jack and Justin from the Bay.
At the other end of the age range, veterans were also represented so it was a great regatta!

Big thank you to all sponsors and Volunteers! Without your support this event wouldn't been possible.